The Museum – Interpretation Centre of la Vall de Lord is the place where are picked up and exhibited the main pieces and historical and patrimonial elements of the zone; however, all the enviornment of la Vall de Lord is a patrimonial space in all the categories: cultural, historical, architectural, geological and natural.

Different places like the village of Sant Llorenç de Morunys, the Lord Sanctuary or the Busa mountain range were scenes of historical events during the Independence War or the Carlists Wars.



More than 40 Romanesque hermitages are distributed by all the territory apart from old gypsum kilns or the rests of 3 castles of the 11th century.


There is a big diversity of vertebrates typical of the pre-Pyrenean and mountainous environment. We must emphasise mammals like chamois and roe deer or birds like the jackdaw or the common vulture.


La Vall de Lord is ideal to see predominant landscapes of submediterranean vegetation mixed with subalpine meadows located in the highest parts of the mountain Port del Comte.


This valley located in the Pre-Pyrenees has an exceptional geology; in it we can see the transition limit between continent and beach with coral reefs when the inland Catalonia was occuped by the sea, the last stages of the formation of the Pyrenees, and a complete geologic register in the effects that has the formation of a new mountain.