The beginnings

In 1946, the historian and professor of medieval history Manel Riu with Manel Segret i Riu and inhabitants of the valley and enthusiasts of the history (Ramon Cots or Josep Canal), were the people who started this project.

During the studys made in the zone by Manel Riu with the help of the other collaborators, different pieces were found and extracted, which were kept and exposed in the building of la Confraria dels Colls . They also started a register of these pieces. That was the beginning of the Museum of la Vall de Lord.

The museum of la Vall de Lord grows

The studys and discoverys continued growing, and they also made differents excavation campaings in different points of the valley. The different pieces that they found let fill many glass cabinets in the two floors of the ancien building of la Confraria dels Colls, creating so the Museum of la Vall de Lord.

In 2002 was legally constituted the Associació Cultural Vall de Lord, a non-profit association that works with the same objective since the beginnings of the museum: the conservation, study and difusion of the cultural and natural patrimony of la Vall de Lord.

The Museum - Interpretation Centre of la Vall de Lord: a project in motion.

Nowadays the association has two spaces: the house of the old Confraria dels Colls and the space of the Prior house, the building adjacent to the monastery of Sant Llorenç de Morunys.

In the past and until the year 2010, the visitable collection of the association was all in the old Confraria dels Colls‘ house, a building included in the Architectural Patrimonyof Catalonia.


The need of a new space to show the pieces with a modern and informational perspective, and also the need to try to preserve them started a restoration project of the Prior house; this project started in 2003 and until now different phases are being carried out.